Indonesia Planning

We’re embarking on our Indonesia trip! Planning this one was a bit daunting, Indonesia is a large country with 17,000 islands to choose from - and of course, we only have two weeks to explore them. After a few months of planning and coordinating, this is what we’ll be up to:

After a very long flight, we’ll arrive in Jakarta and hop on yet another flight to Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. There we’ll meet our guide at the airport and immediately embark upon a two night / two day tour into Tanjung Puting National Park to visit with some ex-captive orangutans who now live freely within the national park. We’ll be staying aboard a small, two-story, wooden boat called a Klotok. On the boat we should have a nice bed, small rustic bathroom, a cook, crew, and a great view. 

From there we’ll make our way to Yogyakarta where we’ll spend a few days absorbing the fun artsy culture and exploring the ancient temples of Borobudur and Prambanan near the city.

Then it’s a quick flight over to Surabaya where we’ll be picked up by another guide around 11pm. We’ll be driven for a few hours to Mt Bromo, a volcano and vast crater.  We’ll hike to reach the summit by sunrise. The next night we’ll do something similar, we’ll leave our hotel around 1am (who needs sleep?! Not us!) drive for a bit and then start hiking up the Ijen Crater, an active sulfur mine known for it’s blue flame. Hopefully, if the weather is on our side, we’ll get to see the blue flames through the puffs of sulfur as we don gas masks and hike down into the crater with local miners. It should make for a intense and hopefully enjoyable experience!

Next we’ll head to Ubud, Bali. We’ll have a relaxing multi night stay in the same hotel while we explore Ubud for a few days. I’m excited to experience a place I've heard so much about! I can't wait for the rice terraces, I'm so curious to see what they’ll look like this time of year. After getting our cultural fill in Ubud we’ll head off to the coast for an even more relaxing couple of nights in our resort room with it’s own private infinity pool (I may never want to leave). Our last night in Bali will be in adventure, we’ve rented a “Bubble” from Airbnb on a secluded stretch of beach. The bubble looks a bit like a clear inflatable igloo perched on a grassy rise next to the beach. The stars should be pretty amazing at night.

From there we’ll begin the long journey back home, hopefully after feeling pretty fulfilled with all of our adventures here in Indonesia.